5 Facts about Regalia in Sunny Isles Beach


5 Facts about Regalia in Sunny Isles Beach

Royalty in every residence. Regalia in Sunny Isles Beach is a masterpiece of thirty-nine full floor residences surrounded by the shimmering of the waters at every sight. Each residence of the 39 full floor residences of the Regalia occupies a full floor with a 360-degree wrap-around terrace that oversees the Atlantic Ocean, Golden Beach, Intracoastal Waterway, Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale with a dynamic glow of the South Florida skyline juxta-positioned above.

There’s more to Regalia than what sings on the surface. Here are 5 facts about Regalia you should know before your next visit to Sunny Isles Beach.

One Residence Per Floor

Inspired to provide the pinnacle of a “Limited Edition” lifestyle, Regalia stands amidst the Sunny Isles Beach condos as a mecca of luxury similar to that of London’s Mayfair neighborhood or New York’s Fifth Avenue. Regalia means an emblem or insignia of royalty, notably items used during a coronation. There are two types of residences within Regalia, Beach Houses and Penthouses.

The Beach House has been awarded “The Best High-Rise Development in the US” by the International Property Awards, whereas The Penthouse has won several awards in its own regard. Some residences are as large as 6 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, and 10,000+ square feet with a custom glass elevator and floating grand staircase for some serious aesthetic.

The “Limited Edition” Lifestyle

Designed for intimacy, the amenities within the residences of Regalia create the appearance and sensibility of a private home. The staff and services, however, run parallel with the highest standards of hospitality. They are devoted and dedicated to providing personalized service 24 hours of the day, handling every request professionally and discreetly.

Terrace and Treasure

There are also two terraces of the roof one with a 360 degree view and another that spans 270 degrees. There is a full bath and a rooftop pool deck with a summer kitchen. There is also a game room, family room, and mezzanine to match the highest standards of luxury.

Wind and Water-Inspired Architecture

Inspired by the surrounding winds and water, Regalia was designed by renowned architect Bernado Fort-Brescia who brings a contemporary aesthetic that gives the appearance of the building being designed organically. From the floor to the ceiling, there are several design aspects with a deep meaning that pays tribute to the inspirations of the ocean.

Décor and Detail

Charles Allem of CAD International provides the sophisticated furnishings that makes Regalia a triumph in creativity, luxury, and oneness. There is a perfect harmony of colors and textures throughout the stone, wood, crystal, and fabric fixtures throughout the facility. Allem has been named to the Architectural Digest’s Top 100 list five times to date.

If you’re looking to live among the 39 residences of Regalia, come the YK Group to fulfill your desire for finding the best possible home. Led by experienced real estate broker Yuliya Kachko, the YK Group specializes in Miami’s most high-end, beach-side real estate, YK is all about delivering extraordinary homes for the people who make South Florida the most exquisite it can be. For more information about living in Regalia, contact us today.

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