Sunny Isles Beach Real Estate Boom



A couple of years ago, the Miami oceanfront land was nowhere near what is known as this very day. The place has quote unquote transformed as this is the best term that can be used to least explain the process. Previously, there lay a coastal line between 163th avenue and Lehman. What was found in the area was nothing more of quiet motels lining up Collins Avenue. The place is now known as the Florida Riviera or the famous Sunny Isles Beach. This day, the Sunny Isles Beach is characterized by rows of residential condominiums. The southern beach of Miami is filled with luxurious art deco hotels and is also endowed with diverse cultures. Therefore, we need not be reminded that the place is a big vacation destination for both locals and foreigners. The real estate development project is most certainly a boom. Condos have since sprouted from the ground like plant shoots determined to grow into food very soon. One common site to see is the construction cranes over the condos.

Beginning of the project

The whole idea was implemented by developers especially the private developers. People like Gil Dezer are among these developers and they have made tremendous steps as far as the Sunny Isles Condos real estate development is concerned. He is among the people who own a number of buildings in the project including the Porsche Design Tower, future Armani ResidencesTrump towers, Trump Palace and Trump Royale. Many other individuals have been greatly involved in the business. Such are the likes of Carlos Rosso who is the president of Related Condo division. Other condos apart from the Trumps are the Acqualina condos, Mansions at Acqualina, upcoming Estates at AcqualinaRegalia MiamiOcean 4, the fascinating and unique Jade Beach, Jade Ocean and Jade Signature among others.

Features of the condos

If you are looking for a perfect getaway home, let the sunny isles beach be the place for you. There are just the perfect entertainment facilities which you will enjoy to the fullest. Facilities such as yoga establishments will ensure that you live healthily. The condos are also sound proof and this will ensure that noise is least of your worries. Hotels and resorts are widely available and the services offered are superb. Many Sunny Isles condos have superior internal and external designs for example waterfalls at Jade Ocean, Porsche Design Tower, Acqualina Condos that will appeal to your eyes every day you check in from work or shopping.

Life with no regrets

One thing that you will never regret is the weather in Miami. Living there will mean that you will need to forget the harsh cold winters or the hot scorching sun in summer. You will be living the life with a true luxury experience.

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