5 Good Reasons One Should Book At St Regis BAL Harbour Resort


9703 Collins Avenue · Bal Harbour - Miami Beach, Florida 33154

When looking for a top end hotel to spend your holiday or weekend vacation, there are definitely some things worth looking at before swiping that credit card or chucking your wallet to place that reservation. Well, some of these things include the kind of accommodation offered, facilities and amenities available, the location of the hotel or resort, and a few more, all of which this Miami Beach’s resort does well more than provide. Here are a few reasons why this resort can be a great hotel destination for your holiday or travel.

  • Wonderful Positioning

One of the most important features you should always look for when booking hotels is its positioning. Some factors to consider regarding positioning include whether you are able to capture amazing moments and take a bird’s eye view of oceanic scenes, especially for beach hotels. Accessibility and nearness to other facilities are also of key concern and determine how hospitable the place is in general. These are some other things that make the St Regis BAL Harbour to stand out as one of its kinds is its wonderful positioning. The high-rise hotel is conveniently located to offer amazing elegance just across the street from the BAL Harbor shopping complex. Not only that, the place is well accessible, with highly dependable transport channels for residents to navigate around and about at great ease. Viewing the ocean from its sky high rooms with balconies is another hilarious feature about this top class hotel.

  • Fancy Accommodation Features

Before you place your booking in a hotel, the other thing to look at is the accommodation features or the room specifications. Some factors mainly looked at here; include the size of the entire facility, the décor, and the facilities. When it comes to the rooms, you just can’t help but admit that this high-rise hotel offers spectacular experience. For starters, these are well designed and equipped to offer comfort at its maximum. That notwithstanding, the fully air-conditioned rooms are equipped with other features such as free Wi-Fi, laundry service, paid TV, iPod docks , kitchenettes, and much more. The rooms are well spacious and offer large balconies from where someone can enjoy their best experience viewing staff in a merry, boring or relaxing day. Below, is a list of accommodation facilities offered by the St Regis BAL Harbour resort?

  • Presidential Suite
  • Ocean View Room
  • Presidential Suite
  • Deluxe View Room
  • Oceanfront Junior Suites
  • Oceanfront Suite
  • Royal Suite
  • Grand Lux Suite
  • Imperial Suite
  • Great Amenities

Who loves sandy beaches? Bet you do! For many reasons, the St Regis is by far one of the best resorts to escape for holiday with or without your family. Not only the white sandy beach, the resort offers more great amenities such as outdoor pools, complete service spas, fitness center and private cabanas. The wine vault can be a darling for the lovers of wining and dining, especially since there’s also a top end restaurant along with an oceanfront grill and bar. There’s lots of parking space with full patrol security guards so you do not at any one time have to worry about how secure your vehicle might not be when enjoying some good time and having your best of great scenic ocean views.

  • Events and Meetings

Nothing is more enjoyable than having an Oceanside party or event such as a wedding. When looking for such a facility in Miami Beach or near the south beach, the St Regis BAL Harbour has more than a lot to offer. Not only with the couple tie the knot here, they can also get the accommodation of king and queen right here in this high-rise resort located at atlantics edge, only a quarter of an hour from the South Beach to the north. They can spend their moments of a lifetime here as well, the honeymoon! There are also lots of spacious meeting rooms and conference halls, which can offer spectacular experiences to corporate events, business meetings and social gatherings alike.

  • Great Discounts and Offers

Another extraordinary feature about the St Regis BAL Harbour hotel is that they from time to time provide great offers, among them exclusive and offers for residents of the larger Florida. If you look at review from reliable sites about some of the most exclusive beach hotels on land, you will find that St Regis BAL Harbour appears at the top tier.

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