Porsche Design Tower Sunny Isles Completion



Car makers have been seen flocking the Miami real estate. The Porsche however actually was the trigger. It started the trend off and other brands followed. We all know of what Porsche feels like when you are on the steer wheel or the back seat. You expect more from the first residential condos by the Porsche. Well, luxury is guaranteed in the new tower.

For over the past years, the people of Sunny Isles have witnessed the birth and the upbringing of the Porsche Design Tower Residences. As planned, the tower was set for completion by late 2016. That is what happened and that is nothing but success. The developers and the construction team deserves all the credit. That is particularly so because the tower is not just any other. It has record breaking features and next level amenities. It a classic design on the inside and on the inside with the unique feature being automobile lifts.



The Porsche Design tower is ready for you

If you have been following up on the construction of the tower in the past years, the journey is now complete. After completion in 2016, 2017 is the year of many to start living their new lifestyles inside the residences. If you didn’t get to book a chance with the rest in December or January, you better rush for the remaining units before they are all gone. With the tower making a series of headlines on all the media channels, people willing to live high end lifestyles have not hesitated to reserve their units. It’s a paradise tower and billionaires all over the globe are finding their way into the tower. TCO or temporary certificate of occupation has already been issued.

The developers

Having a project of the Porsche Design Tower magnitude rise to completion is never an easy job. There are the people responsible for financing and they never gave up giving into the investment. The Gil Dezer is the businessman behind the super project. He has been a man of success. With so many other properties along the oceanfront and the Collins Avenue, he has the necessary foundation for beachfront Sunny Isles real estate. In the entire state, the beachfront property holdings owned by the Gil Dezer are actually the largest there is. All of them fall under the luxury condos, motels, rental communities, condo-hotels etc. being high rise in nature and others set for redevelopment. The track record is there and some more has been added by the realization of the new Porsche Tower Sunny Isles. So far so good. And the future is bright as more is lined up.

The designer

Everything about the Porsche tower is unique. The Porsche design group have made it that way, being their first residential project to undertake. Porsche is known for producing cars that are all about luxury. You want be in the car for long hours. Now, you don’t have to extend the time on the car. Your home can be designed to have the taste of the Porsche luxury design. Actually, that is what you get in all the 132 condos of the landmark tower already completed at Sunny Isles Beach. Even with 60 stories on top of each other, the altitude isn’t much enough to prevent cars from getting to the top units. Only the Porsche designers can do that. Automated lifts drive you and your car to the doorstep of your unit as you enjoy the view of the ocean and the skyline from your home.

Porsche Design Tower features

These are the physical features that are noticeable of the tower.

First, the project is the first one to be undertaken by the Porsche Designers and Dezer developments. It is worth noticing that the Dezer is the same developer behind the Miami Trump buildings. That alone sets the tower apart from the rest.

Second, it’s the only tower with a robotic “Dezervator” parking system around the globe. Uniqueness and tech combined together never get any better than this. With a tower running 60 levels, you can still move up at the comfort of your car and leave it at your garage right outside your sky home. And you get sky car garage for at least 2 cars at your residence.

Third, the tower is 650 ft. tall. It makes it one of the tallest oceanfront tower in South Florida. If you want to live a luxurious life high in the sky, with unobstructed view of the city and the ocean, you have nowhere else to go but the Porsche Design Tower. From afar, one is able to tell and acknowledge the tower as the new landmark in the region.

Residence features

When we get into the inside of the tower for specifics, we find amazing features on the interior design. Different units are available for different residents. Units start from 3 bedrooms to 6 bedrooms. Having a fireplace in a home is classic.  Gourmet outdoor kitchens and private pools are also available.

For model B, C, D apartments, there are 2 parking garages just besides the unit. Four parking garages are availed for the larger model A units. There are pools measuring 10 x 15 for the apartments facing East. The pools on the terraces are there for fun and relaxing as you enjoy the lovely view of the ocean. You will not need a foyer to move up to your unit. Instead, the elevators are made private each serving a particular unit. The amenities are also high end. The time to move in is now and life will switch to a paradise-like lifestyle inside the Porsche Design Tower.

To get more information or schedule a private showings of Porsche Design Tower please call 305.310.9305 .

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