Fendi Chateau Surfside Is Finally Completed



Miami has set up the pace of luxury real estate. There are so many private condos coming up everywhere in the city and particularly along Collins Avenue. The region has shown a lot of potential in property investment and the best of the best investors have turned their attention to it. When you talk of big monies, you see the rich guys. Recently, the Fendi Chateau Surfside has completed and more options for luxury housing are now available. It’s an outstanding structure that you have never seen anywhere else. The waving terraces of glass that appear blue from afar are fascinating. It’s a whole new level of architecture and functional to the clients. Its birth means a lot to the industry as more clients flow into Miami Beach to grab some space in it.

Style like no other

Many of the luxury condos will go up as a block. That’s the case with many condos along the Collins Avenue of the Miami Beach. Fendi Chateau makes things different and that’s perhaps why it’s worth consideration. It doesn’t go up much but only 12 floors. Living in this building is not like living in any other building. The lifestyle is special. The design and the décor is not locally obtained but from New York based lifestyle management firm. Not only is the appearance one of the greats but the services are also quality.

The Fendi Miami features

Just by the first visual of the new building, one will realize that the structure is of real quality. You don’t need anyone to tell you about the features as that is crystal clear. Elevators are in plenty and placed conveniently. If you are the study man, there is a library area set aside for you. The atmosphere there is silent and ideal for studies. There is also a business center with a wide array of services for those who might need it. A media center or private cinema as well as a kids club are there as well. Others including a spa, storage space and the fitness center up there facing the sea. The fact that the structure is the neighbor of the sea makes the view up there breathtaking.

An idea from the best

The best ideas come from the best professionals. Basically, the completed Fendi Chateau building is an idea like no other around Miami. The building was designed by Arquitectonica, a world renowned company. That’s the external design. On the inside, Fendi with the assistance of Fanny Haim are responsible for interior design. From the external outlook to the internal design, you cannot find any errors other than appreciate those behind the whole thing. Wait until you get an opportunity to spend some time at the Fendi Chateau Miami and you will feel like spending the rest of your life there.

For more information on Fendi Chateau Residences Miami please contact us at 305.310.9305

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