Eighty Seven Park Renzo Piano



When a city is on the rise, everybody wants a share of its land. That’s because it’s a guaranteed investment. Where you have a project proposed such a land, it is even better. Terra and Bizz & Partners development are the developers behind this amazing 87 Park glass tower. Everything about the new condos will be special. That is because the Renzo Piano, having designed the first condo in Miami are the architects behind the fantastic design already adopted. The wrapping floors and the glass walls simply make the sea accessible in as many angles as you may wish. Its location is the best idea made true. It rises from the bushes as you might see from afar and lies right next to the Atlantic Ocean. Luxury living is all you see by the first look on the Eighty Seven Park.

Brought up by the best crew

The architect responsible for design work, the client who makes the design come true and the professional team involved are the real deal in every project. Without them, you don’t have a project. With the wrong people, chances of failure are super high. For the Eighty Seven Park residences, delivery is guaranteed. The ideal people who knows what they are doing are on board.

Starting from the developer Terra ad Bizzi & Partners, you have the best developers around. They have seen through other projects and ended up with success. Being a renowned firm, the Renzo Piano have set their feet on Miami city and the effect is already being felt. Not many condo towers have what the Eighty Seven Park tower has. It has been designed to blend both the sea, the sky and the ground together. They haven’t designed any other residential building around Miami. It will be the first for Renzo Piano and they are giving their all already.

From afar, you will be able to see the optimal elegance of the tower. At close range and inside the building, that’s where the Rena Dumas architecture interior designers come in. they are to work on the interior décor for ultimate beauty. The focus is on total luxury. West 8 will finish the design work off handling the landscaping.

An ultra-luxury complex

Miami real estate market is known to target residents in for luxury lifestyles. Well, there is more than luxury inside the proposed Eighty Seven Park. From the glass balconies, the view is spectacular and unobstructed. You can busk out in the sun right at the comfort of your balcony. You can feel the breeze and enjoy the many home amenities and features incorporated in your interior design. The design matches the natural landscape. On top of that, the aspects of maximum architecture as well as design are combined together by the poetic architect Renzo Piano to come up with nothing but the best quality. You will find everything you need to live a luxurious life in the Eighty Seven Park Miami Beach.

The parks

First there are private gardens designed with a modern taste. These gardens will be characterized by terraces, lounges, pools and a pavilion mainly set aside for cultural and social occasions. These are in private spaces that you can rent out just for your own use and the family. Second, there is the city park right next to the Eighty Seven Park residences. The ocean side is a place to be for many. Now, there is a 35 acre land newly invigorated for the purposes of walks and small adventure into the ocean side vegetation. Dunes, grape bushes and all manner of vegetation lie within the city park. It’s an ideal place for walks and kid plays.

The amenities

What is luxury? It is about the things that make you comfortable. Well, the Eighty Seven Park condos have been designed specifically with the taste of a variety of amenities. Starting from the lobby, you can’t help but notice the classy nature of the condos. You feel nature at its best even when inside the condos ad at the lobby. You will find a bar at the lobby where you can sample the wine before you buy it just to confirm the classic nature.

There is also a library that is stacked with magazines and books carefully selected. If you need to be in the coolest place in the park, it’s probably the Fugo bar. You hear the waves breaking just in the nearby and the breeze blows away the palm trees. You won’t notice as dark enters the city.

Wellness is not just in general in Eighty Seven Park Miami Beach Residences. You also get served in the soul, mind and body. We are talking about the spa and gym amenities inside the condos. Whenever you need a private treatment, you got it. There are group classes, private classes and high end equipment for fitness and leisure times. Amenities are never complete without the pool. There is the beach and private pools just next to the beach. Along the pools are cabanas for relaxing after the swim. You can chill out with a drink while basking at the sun after you are done swimming. Fun is guaranteed.

Reservations ongoing

With all the finishes to be incorporated in the structure and boutique features, you can be sure that the Eighty Seven Park falls among the best condos there is in the entire Miami. It is only on these residences that you have unobstructed view of the north, south, east and west. Such quality. You need to reserve your unit now by paying some deposit. Life will be heaven after the condos are complete in 2018.

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