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Aston Martin is known for the luxury designed super cars. Now the super luxury design is progressing to reach out to the residential homes. The Aston Martin Residences has come in to sponsor a one of its kind condo tower overlooking the Biscayne Bay Miami. When you talk about luxury, you should probably see this tower. The interior design will feature Aston Martin exclusive designs. Its location along the Miami River will guarantee uninterrupted ocean view. Being the first real estate project for the carmakers, it will have everything to define luxury. Being a 66 level tower, there will be different condos namely panoramic, sky residences, penthouses and triplex penthouses in an ascending order. Whatever you need inside the tower, you will get it. Everything is simply checked and made classic. You will know of that after you read on.

The birth of the tower

Things just pop up on their own or from nowhere. There are people behind every project whether small or big. The people behind the Aston Martin condos surely deserve credit for the great work done. British brand in conjunction with the G & G business developments of a rich Argentine Coto family came up with this investment idea. And they did get started by making a purchase for 1.25 acre land at 300 Biscayne Boulevard way for a record breaking price back in 2014. That was enough to say that the developers really meant business. To bring in the most wanted luxury class, the developers went for the best global brand known for luxury cars. That is none other but the Aston Martin carmakers. They were willing to collaborate with the Coto family and the project is now in the process of presales.

The design team

We have seen many projects before and we know that the architect and designer involved have their impact. Pick just any other architect and you will have just any other building. The Aston Martin Residences is special in that the designers are selected carefully and with regard to their previous performances. The BMA and Revuelta architecture are the experts on board for the construction of this condo tower. They have already done an incredible job of designing a unique tower with elegance and simply special in all aspects. From the drawings and 3D vies of the proposed tower, you are able to tell that indeed, the architect deserves all the ticks. Now the people can tell that the outside looks fine with a deck ad pool on the top and penthouses progressing to the 66th floor. The interior design is not left out. Remember it’s about luxury everywhere. The BMA are there to do an incredible job with the help of the Aston Martin design team. The taste of the Aston Martin has to be felt by the time the tower is complete. You can’t wait to move in to this special condo by 2022.

Aston Martin Condos

When is the delivery?

When it’s about a special meal or party, people want to know when is the right time to have a bite. The Aston Martin residences will be ready for occupancy by 2022 with groundbreaking starting this year. Foundations are set for completion by fall 2018. By spring 2019, the pedestal will be done. Topping off is schedule for completion by autumn 2020. By early 2022, all will be set. Aspiring residents at the Aston Martin have their chance now to book space in whatever category of units they want. Payments will be done as construction goes on in percentages. By 2022, only a 50% will be left. That is necessary to spread the cost over a period of 5 years. The residences will cost between $500,000 and $7,000,000. Penthouses will go for $14,000,000 – $35,000,000 for the triplex penthouses with additional private pools.

The features

So what is making the tower ring in the years of many? The many special features only for the Aston Martin condos have it all. The location is tasty on its own. You will have unobstructed view of the ocean, Biscayne Bay and the Miami city on the other side from any level. No external walling whatsoever. That is replaced by floor to ceiling windows and sliding doors made of glass to ensure that the view is amazing right from the comfort of your sofa. The floor area is expansive with bedrooms ranging from 1 to 4 to suit all the interested families. Kitchen appliances are what you call top of the line. Porcelain finish will be on all the balcony floors. The cabinetry at the bathrooms will just be how you like it being custom designed. These among many other special features you will realize once you move in truly sets the Aston Martin Residences apart from the rest.

The extras

Being an Aston Martin designed tower, you can expect something beyond the obvious. For sure, the style, the colors and the materials used ranging from carbon fiber, wood and leather will have an Aston Martin taste. Most importantly, the DNA of Aston Martin will prevail. Fine craftsmanship and the comfort emphasis says it all. It’s all about beauty. The designs will be pure and simple. You can make life even sweeter at the tower if you match it up with an Aston Martin car. It’s not a compulsory thing though. Bids for space are being accepted as at now. Don’t wait till it’s late. Grab yourself a chance and pay some deposit to guarantee you a special unit.

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