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Are you on vacation or just want to be in a place that feels home away from home? The Acqualina resort & spa is the place to be. That is something that many who have been in the place before can all agree on. In many cases, living in hotels can be stressful and people want to go back home as soon as it can be. Even if south or north home is the best, the resort have more-than-a-home feeling. You just want to be there for longer periods. Of course there are reasons for that. The resort is right at the center of the vibrant city of Miami. Everyone wants a share of the Miami luxury living including billionaires around the world. The fun inside the resort is not comparable to any other. Fast Wi-Fi, beautiful swimming pools, kids club, spa, beachfronts, luxurious living spaces and the best services are among the contributories of what makes the resort the best. If you are looking for a luxurious place to relax together with your family, don’t go anywhere else.

Acquliana residences has recently expanded with its boutique tower Mansions at Acqualina and new upcoming Estates at Acqualiana.


More of condo than restaurant

Hotels are not the right places to be at. The name alone is not fit enough for a person looking for luxury. Well, the topic is not about hotels because the Acqualina resort is not a hotel. You can consider it a home just that it might be far from your real home. There are 188 residences for residents willing to enjoy the lifestyle for years and 98 guestrooms for short-term visitors of the city. Whether you are in Miami for business or leisure, you will need a place to relax after you are done with whatever business you were involved in. that place is the Acqualina resort. There is no compromise on luxury. Luxury is the agenda of the resort together with all the personnel hired within it. Expect over 50 stories making up the building. That puts the resort on the list of the tallest buildings there is in Sunny Isles. Adjacent to it is the mansions tower for which the share the name Acqualina. The design of the Acqualina residences as well as the interior design explains all about luxury living.

Top tier service

The service in Acqualina Sunny Isles is personalized to every client or resident just to make sure that no complaints are raised. The objective is to build on a perfect repute by delivering what the people want and more. On the minute you step in to the resort or spa, there will be someone at your service. The service personnel adopt a common dress code and you will easily note them. The first words from them will not be ‘what do you want?’ there is a little bit of polite twist into it. The personnel are trained to mind the welfare of the people visiting the resort. The discussion will start with how your day was like. And then a welcoming tone will follow. Every client feels at home. Considering that everything else that you may need will flow as you request, life never gets better than that. You never wait to get what you want. You get what you want when you want it.

Where is the resort?

Miami is the leading city in luxury real estate. Well, that’s where our beautiful Acqualina Mansions resort is located. Right at the center of the city. On the east is the beach and the ocean. That gives incredible views while on the guest or residential rooms up the tower. The entrance to the resort is via the Collins Avenue. You are confined to the beach for exploration. Around the hotel, there are plenty of places you can go and have fun. Whether shopping, art, dining, sports or any other activity you may wish to undertake, you will do so with ease.

Room details

You need not panic about what to expect inside the rooms at Acqualina Miami. You have the word that luxury is guaranteed. There are different types of units inside the resort as people have different desires in space. Whether you are coming in alone or with a family, there is enough accommodation for you. The design adopted in rooms is impressive. The rooms are spacious as well. And that applies to all the rooms starting from the sitting room to the bath. When the rest of the hotel rooms are big, the rooms here are three times bigger. The interior decoration is elegant and balconies are available for every unit. You will appreciate the life of the city and the view of the ocean from your balcony. You will get elegant sofas inside every standard room and these can be converted into queen beds. The beds are comfortable and luxurious. Inside the bathrooms are whirlpool tubs and toiletries. For the ocean front suites, you will find full kitchens ready with all the appliances needed.


The obvious feature that is unique to the Acqualina resort is the spa. Inside the spa, you will have all the therapeutic treatments you desire. Whether it’s the maternity massages, holistic facial or any other, you will have it. Other facilities are also within the spa including the fitness center. Expect all training equipment in there.

Outside the resort, there is the beach where you can relax and take a swim if you wish. Swimming pools are well cleaned and hygienic for swims. The food in the outdoor restaurant is delicious and carefully prepared.

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