Premium living at the Mansions at Acqualina



A home is a place of peace and relaxation. It is the only place you go and feel sober and without any pressure. Living in the hotel or away from home will always come with unsettled mind. That is why the Mansions at Acqualina are specifically designed with a premium home living. The features and amenities are top quality. You have no reasons to complain when you have a unit you call home inside the Mansions Acqualina. Located at the 17749 Collins Avenue Sunny Isles Beach, the Mansions are all about luxury living and premium lifestyles. The design and the services incorporated have a taste of what luxury means. There are 89 exclusive residences that are full- and half-floor.

Why the Acqualina Mansions?

The Mansions at Acqualina have been on the tongues of many after they were completed in 2016. Just by the external look, one is able to tell of how classic the place is. When you get to the inside, then luxury living is all you see. Services are personalized in a wide array. Every service you need is right there. All you need is to make a phone call or address your request to a friendly staff. Amenities are life enhancing and the living space is exceptional. Finishes and appliances on all the rooms are top of the line. Building materials used in the construction guarantees absolute support while the finishes guaranteed total décor for aesthetic purposes. You will not need to add any other décor on your unit once you move in. You can imagine living in a house where you watch the sun rise from your private East terrace and sun set from your private West terrace.


Every developer has a history either good or bad. For the Trump Group, it’s a perfect reputation they got. Looking at the past, the group has all been about success. And they didn’t start yesterday. It was way back in the 1985 when they first developed a high end project; the Williams Island. The project includes a Mediterranean Village, club amenities, 8 high rise buildings such as Bellini Williams Island, Bella Mare Williams Island, 7000 Williams Island and a resort specially located in an Aventura enclave. That is enough to show you the taste of luxury. Considering that it was years back then, the project was actually the first on the region if not in the world. No other came close to it. That was just the beginning. The portfolio has gained weight over the years.

Other projects undertaken by the Eddie and Jules Trump of the Trump Group include Acqualina Resort and Spa at Sunny Isles Beach amongst many others in Boca Raton, California and South Florida. And the Mansions at Acqualina were not the last one on the chapter. The group is already working on a residential community in California that will also be record breaking and classic and new towers Estates At Acqualina.

Location and neighborhoods

Luxury living is all about getting what you want when you want it. The location of the Mansions at Acqualina is among the factors that define the residence as a perfect definition of luxury. The surrounding areas include the South Beach, Aventura, Bal Harbour real estate and Sunny Isles Beach. These are the ruling regions in the Miami city. Well, the Acqualina mansions are right at the center of all the fun. Whatever you need, it is right there and accessing it is a matter of a while. Whether it’s the nightlife at the South Beach real estate, shopping in Aventura or Bal Harbour, beaches at Sunny Isles and what have you, it is right there.

Sea fishing, music events, art shows, epicurean dining, sports training sessions for all and anything else you are looking for, you will get it. The list is simply endless. The fact that Miami is the leading city in dynamics, you are in the right place living at the Mansions of Acqualina or Acqualina Miami.


Residents tend to check on the amenities list to judger what level of luxury they can expect from a residence. Well, the Acqualina Mansions do not let you down. In any case, they only tempt you to move in just to enjoy the many high end amenities such as fitness center, grand room, private cinema, private cabanas along the pool side, children center, hammam spa, Dog Park, outdoor bar and restaurant among many others. These define the level of quality living and surprising extravagances only found at the Mansions of Acqualina.

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