7 Best Things to Do in Aventura


the 7 best things to do in aventura

Aventura isn’t a household name. It’s not as popular as its neighbor, Miami. It doesn’t have the same celebrity sighting power as Fisher Island. It isn’t internationally acclaimed for its canals like Fort Lauderdale.

Aventura is a pretty amazing place though.

Packed with some of South Florida’s best shopping and dining, not to mention seriously beautiful homes, Aventura is nothing short of a hidden gem. We’ve put together this list of the seven best things to do in Aventura to help change your perception.

Read on to learn what you can’t miss the City of Excellence!


Go Shopping at the Aventura Mall

The first thing you need to do in Aventura is check out the Aventura Mall. The nation’s third largest mall, and second most visited, is the spot for everything from luxury boutiques to chic retailers. They have more than 300 shops, including iconic brands like Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Gucci, Tiffany, CHANEL, Cartier, and much, much more.


Take a Run on the Don Soffer Exercise Trail

Also known as Aventura Circle, the Don Soffer Exercise Trail is a 3.1-mile path perfect for nightly jogging. Running along and through the city, you can exercise alongside golf courses, ponds, and all sorts of birds. The City of Aventura even makes sure to sprinkle chilled water fountains and benches along the path.


Admire the World Class Real Estate

Of course we have to talk about the world class Aventura real estate! That’s their specialty, after all. Aventura is home to luxury, high rise condos and sprawling single family homes. It’s also home to waterfront properties that rival anything a tropical island has to offer. You may think this level of luxury comes with a steep price tag. While it sometimes does, you can also find stunning condos for rent for an affordable price.


Check out Oleta River State Park

We’re cheating a little bit with this one because it’s not technically in Aventura, but it’s super close. Located within five miles of Aventura, Oleta River State Park is Florida’s largest urban park. It has bike trails, nature trails, mangrove forests, fishing, kayaking, canoeing areas, and picnic pavilions. It even has cabins you can rent for a rustic night in nature! Check it out for yourself and I’m certain you’ll forgive us for bending the rules a bit.


Catch a Show at the Aventura Arts and Cultural Center

The Aventura Arts and Cultural Center is South Florida’s answer to Broadway. You can catch plays, modern dance series, foreign films, musical performances of all stripes, and special events like the Diamond Minds Winter Recital. If you’re looking for a break from South Florida’s go-go-go lifestyle, then the Arts and Cultural Center is where you want to be.


Visit Collins Ave

We’re cheating again with this pick, because Collins Ave is in the heart of South Beach. Located about thirty minutes from Aventura, it isn’t exactly next door, but you need to take a stroll down Collins Ave. Not only is it a fashion mecca, but you’ll find restaurants, clubs, and so much more to give you the true Miami experience.


Spend Some Time on the Water

One of the most overlooked parts of South Florida’s beautiful beaches is what starts where the sand ends. We’re talking about crystal clear blue water. We’re talking about snorkeling, diving, sailing, and yachting. We’re talking about the Venice of America. Make sure to spend some time on the water when you’re in Aventura. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

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And there you have it: the seven best things to do in Aventura. Contact us today to learn more about turning a fun trip to Aventura into a luxury lifestyle!

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